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Provisional Tax – 1st Instalment

Provisional Tax – 1st Instalment

Cypriot tax resident companies and self-employed with taxable income are required to calculate the 2022 Corporation Tax and proceed with the prepayment of the 2022 Corporation Tax in two equal instalments as follows:

  • 1st Instalment by the 31st July 2022, and
  • 2nd Instalment by the 31st December 2022


All companies and self-employed persons have the right to revise their estimated taxable income at any time before 31 December 2022. If the estimated taxable income is revised upwards, 1,75% interest is payable on the difference between the revised amount payable and the amount initially declared from the due date of payment of the 1st instalment.

If the temporary tax paid is lower than 75% of the actual tax liability, an additional tax of 10% will be imposed on the difference between the actual tax liability and the temporary tax paid for the year. If an over payment is made, this will be carried against the Taxes affecting your company or refunded to the Company.

The 1st Provisional Tax Payment can be paid via JCC, or via the Tax Portal.


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